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Pillir™ enables business modernization at speed and scale allowing companies to shift technology resources from maintenance to innovation.

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Digitizing business processes is often limited by traditional build and deployment cycles, legacy applications, expensive infrastructure and finite budgets.

Pillir™ enables companies to generate EdgeReady applications at speed and scale, with little-to-no coding.

EdgeReady Applications

  • Resilient and always available
  • Self-managed
  • Natively integrated to business systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, databases and legacy applications
  • Performance, cost and value transparency

The EdgeReady Cloud Platform by Pillir™

Cloud-native, elastic platform built to strip away the technical problems of an IT organization and shift focus to solving business problems.


Generate applications with limited-to-no coding with a single source-code across all device types. Visual workflow and UI generation. Out-of-the-box integration to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, legacy applications and more.


Digitize business processes in minutes with pre-built app templates or transform legacy applications into modern, self-managing architectures without having to completely re-write existing applications.


Robotic and automated testing across real devices and networks. Reduce test cycles with comprehensive reporting and video recordings.


Automated lifecycle management across projects, 1-click app generation, identity management, and roll-out.

What Makes Us Different?

Resilient and always available

Employees can do their jobs from any location, with any device, with or without connectivity.


Easily integrate new apps with backend cloud, on-premise business applications, and IoT systems.

Self Managed

Quickly build and deploy apps without adding any overhead to your technology organization.

What Our Customers Say

We believe Pillir embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. Pillir should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was very strong.

Red Herring

Publisher & CEO

We were in need of a mobile solution for our SAP systems that could be deployed easily and quickly. The solutions from Pillir were deployed in weeks. We were also able to provide better master data governance and reduce the master data processing time significantly due to efficiencies gained. This is thanks to Pillir’s comprehensive capabilities coupled with their speed of deployment.

Dole Packaged Foods

Director - SAP Technology & Governance

Using Pillir gives us the speed and flexibility needed to drive our business outcome, very quickly and with a lean IT staff.

NPC International


Using Pillir, we were able to deploy solutions with tangible business benefits in 1/3rd of the time and with 1/3rd of the resources. Their Offline mobile apps with a no-programming approach make it easier and faster to deploy many more of such solutions.


Chief - IT, Innovation & Learning Officer

The Pillir Platform, made it easy for our organization to convert business requirements into Mobile Apps very quickly. The team at Pillir were very sensitive to our requirements and we could launch an entire business process on a Mobile First model in a matter of 2 months. The NCDEX Book-my-warehouse App has built-in security features and we could easily distribute it via all three app stores at the same time with a single development.


Chief Information Officer

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